11,000 'honour crimes' reported in last five years

Credit: PA

More than 11,000 "honour-based" crimes have been reported to UK police over the last five years, according to official figures.

Among the crimes were abductions, false imprisonment and murder, the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation said (IKWRO) after a Freedom of Information request.

Dianna Nammi, director of the IKWRO, told a BBC Asian Network documentary on the issue that the number - obtained from 39 of 52 UK forces - was "just the tip of the iceberg".

She warned that many offences may not be reported as perpetrators are often close the victims, or because victims did not feel confident in police.

Nammi added: "The stats show it's a national problem and that national action needs to be taken. The issue of honour-based violence is about life and death, there's no room for error."