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Greek MPs pass second set of reforms ahead of bailout deal

Greek MPs have passed a second set of reforms, paving the way for a crucial bailout deal.

The reforms - which include changes to the judiciary and banking systems - needed to be passed in order for negotiations to begin with creditors on a third bailout package worth €86 billion.

Without more financial support, Greece would face financial ruin and may be forced to exit the eurozone.

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Greeks call German minister a 'Nazi' after debt deal

Many Greeks have reacted angrily to news of the deal agreed by eurozone leaders, with many directing their anger at the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and especially towards finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

A poster depicting a defaced image of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on the wall of a Eurobank branch in Athens. Credit: Reuters

Newspapers laced the morning's headlines with references to World War Two and railed against what they see as Berlin's attempts to humiliate Greece.

In particular, Greeks bristled at Schaeuble's proposal, which was not included in the final deal, for a temporary Greek exit from the euro zone, which many saw as tantamount to expulsion by stealth.

A poster depicting a defaced image of Schaeuble on the wall of a Eurobank branch in Athens highlighted the anger felt by some on the streets of Greece.

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