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Government backs gender gap pay audits

The government is to press ahead with plans to force large firms to disclose data on the gender pay gap among staff.

A consultation on the plans - introduced in the final months of the last coalition government - is to begin today.

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PM pledges to end 'scandal' of gender pay gap

David Cameron said his goal is to end the gender pay gap in a generation. Credit: PA

The Prime Minister has said he does not want to wait another generation to end the "scandal" of gender inequality in the workplace.

Writing on his Facebook page, David Cameron said as well as introducing gender pay audits and affordable childcare "we must widen girls' horizons to show there are no no-go professions".

He added: "In past centuries, the Brontë sisters published their novels under men’s names; Marie Curie released her research as her husband; Ada Lovelace made great leaps as the first computer programmer but watched her male colleague get the credit.

"When my daughters Nancy and Florence start work, I want them to look back at the gender pay gap in the same way we look back at women not voting and not working — as something outdated and wrong that we overcame together."

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