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Government backs gender gap pay audits

The government is to press ahead with plans to force large firms to disclose data on the gender pay gap among staff.

A consultation on the plans - introduced in the final months of the last coalition government - is to begin today.

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UK pay gap is among 'worst in Europe', figures show

David Cameron has said he wants to close the gender pay gap within a generation. Credit: PA

The pay gap in the UK is one of the worst in Europe, according to figures from Eurostat.

  • Britain was the fifth worst in Europe with a 19.7% gap in 2013
  • This is behind Slovenia who had the lowest at 3.1%
  • The EU average has been around 16% since 2010
  • Ireland has on average a significantly lower rate of 14.4% in 2012
  • Meanwhile, Estonia is the worst for equal pay at 28.25%

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