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Hunt challenges BMA to negotiate or face 7-day contract

The Health Secretary has challenged the British Medical Association (BMA) by offering it six weeks to negotiate on changes for hospital consultants and junior doctors, or face a new seven-day contract.

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Doctors back 7-day service but question how it will work

Jeremy Hunt has said doctors hours will remain within a safe limit. Credit: PA

Doctors back a seven-day NHS service but want the government to outline how they will fund and staff it.

Chair of the British Medical Association Dr Paul Flynn said: "There is clear public support for more weekend services, but no clear plan on how this will be delivered.

“At a time when the NHS is facing a £22 billion funding shortfall, many hospitals are in the red and weekday services are under strain.

"The government must explain how they plan to expand services by up to 40% across the week.

"How will they pay for it? How will they ensure there isn’t a reduction in mid-week services? How will they put in place the support doctors need to deliver the same high standard of care over seven days?"

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