Minister defends 9p expenses for car trip

Rob Wilson admits the expenses may look 'odd' Credit: PA Wire

An MP who claimed 9p on expenses for a 352-yard car journey has defended the cost, but admitted such small claims may look "odd".

Rob Wilson, Conservative member for Reading East and Minister for Civil Society, has made a number of claims for short journeys, with many coming in under £1, but said over the course of a year the mileage "does add up".

Rob Wilson's expenses claim for a journey in March 2014, described as a "constituency engagement"
Expenses claim for a 528-yard journey in his car to attend a business meeting

"I am a very active local MP and I get out and about to meet my constituents every week," Wilson told the Metro.

"'Many of my journeys are over fairly short distances of a few miles, but with a number of visits each week, over a year the mileage does add up.

"I can see how small claims might look odd but it is important that all MPs do the job properly and stay connected with local people."