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At least four dead as Typhoon Soudelor hits Taiwan

A powerful typhoon battered Taiwan last night killing at least four people, officials said.

Typhoon Soudelor hit early Saturday morning bringing up to 1,000mm (39 inches) and winds of up 124mph and around two million people are without power.

Forecasters predict the typhoon could be worse than Hurricane Katrina.

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Eight-year-old girl and mother among the dead

The storm approaches. Credit: Reuters

An eight-year-old girl and her mother were the first casualties of Typhoon Soudelor after they were swept out to sea as the storm approached.

Officials said four people, including a firefighter, have now been confirmed dead.

Another man died after being hit by a falling billboard in the coastal town of Suao in Taiwan.

East China is on high alert as the typhoon sweeps its way across.

Thousands have been evacuated, with 1,300 people in temporary shelters.

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