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Labour Leadership: Chuka Umunna calls for party solidarity and support for new leader

Shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna has called for Labour to unite behind the new party leader in an apparent offer of reconciliation from the party's modernising wing to leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn.

He also welcomed a surge in party membership and support in the run up to the leadership contest saying that it was important not to "dismiss out of hand" criticism of New Labour.

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Kinnock warns Labour of 'perpetual demonstration'

Neil Kinnock is the latest Labour heavyweight to warn the party over electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Lord Kinnock, who lost two elections to the Conservatives, said he understood why people were supporting the left winger but the party had to make a decision about contesting power.

Neil Kinnock said Labour faced Credit: PA Wire

"I can see why people are angry and want to protest," he said.

"But then they have got to make a decision whether they want to be part of a Labour movement which produced a political party to seriously contest democratic power or they want to be in perpetual demonstration, which is fulfilling and noble but ultimately rarely effective."

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