'Magic' final words in Pratchett book, says daughter

Terry Pratchett's daughter reveals the family 'mantra' features in his final novel. Credit: PA

The daughter of the late Terry Pratchett has revealed their family mantra features in his final novel.

Fans of the popular writer, who died in March aged 66, queued up at bookshops at midnight last night to get a copy of his final Discworld novel, The Shepherd's Crown.

Today, Rhianna Pratchett revealed that the family's 'magic' phrase, "Mind How You Go", featured in the book which were the last words she had said to her father and grandfather before they died.

In an interview with The Telegraph shortly after her father's death, she said: "We always say to each other, 'Mind how you go', it's almost like a Pratchett mantra for safety."

The book has been hailed as a "magnificent sign-off" by critics with many finding evidence of Pratchett's knowledge that it would be his last book.