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New iPad, Apple TV and iPhone models revealed

Apple has announced new models of its iPad, iPhone and Apple TV at an event in the US:

• The iPad Pro comes with a larger 12.9-inch screen as well as a bigger keyboard.

• The new version of Apple TV has a touch sensitive remote control, voice search and an App Store.

• The latest iPhone models - the 6S and 6S Plus - have a feature called 3D Touch which allows the phone to provide different functions based on how lightly or firmly the screen is pressed.

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Apple unveils new Pencil for iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro will be usable with the Apple Pencil, Apple has announced.

Phil Schiller speaks about the Apple Pencil for the new iPad Pro Credit: Reuters

The Pencil is touch sensitive so the harder the pressure on the scree, the darker the writing becomes. It also allows users to use fingers and pencil at the same time. The pencil is powered, so will require recharging.

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