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BA plane fire: Multiple breaches of engine case, investigators find

The left engine of the BA aircraft that caught fire on the runway at Las Vegas airport had "multiple breaches of the engine case", US air investigators have found.

157 passengers and 13 crew were forced to evacuate the plane.

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Passengers tell of moment BA flight caught fire

Passengers on board a British Airways plane that caught fire at Las Vegas airport have told of the moment they were evacuated from the aircraft.

Sarah Savage told Good Morning Britain she heard a "pop" when the plane was about to take off before it "screeched to a halt".

"We saw billowing black smoke with flames and it started getting worse," she said.

Another passenger, Claire Corrigan, told the programme that people ran from the burning aircraft after evacuating.

"I think it was the fear that the plane with a full fuel load could explode," she said.

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