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PM: Labour is 'clear threat to the security of British families'

On the eve of the announcement of the new Labour leader, David Cameron is set to launch a scathing attack on the party, branding them "a clear threat to the security of British families".

The Prime Minister is expected to say: "Whoever wins the Labour leadership tomorrow, this is now a party that has completely vacated the intellectual playing field and no longer represents working people."

Voting for the next Labour leader closed at noon on Thursday and the result is set to be announced tomorrow at 11.30am.

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Kendall: 'We must accept Corbyn if he wins leadership'

Liz Kendall made her final campaign speech today. Credit: Carl Dinnen/ ITV

Liz Kendall has said everyone must accept Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader if he wins on Saturday.

Leadership candidate Kendall made the remarks in her final speech before the ballot closes this afternoon.

She admitted her competitor Corbyn had been successful in "mobilising huge numbers of people" and interesting them in the vote.

But she said: "The program of Jeremy Corbyn is not new. It is the same as he had in the 80s and will give us the same result."

Stating that there were three huge challenges - leading and uniting the party, taking on the Tories and regaining the public's trust - ahead for the next leader, Kendall added the party needed to "seriously reflect" in the coming months.

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