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MPs overwhelmingly reject Assisted Dying Bill

MPs have overwhelmingly rejected a bill which would have allowed doctors to help some terminally ill people end their lives.

The Commons voted against giving a second reading to the Assisted Dying Bill by 330 to 118 - a majority of 212.

MPs on both sides of the house shared personal stories and strong views during the near five-hour debate.

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Fox: Assisted dying law risks opening 'Pandora's box'

Dr Fox worked as a GP before he was elected to Parliament.

Former defence secretary Liam Fox has warned MPs they risk opening a "Pandora's box" if they legalise assisted dying.

Dr Fox, who worked as a GP before he was elected, said the move would fundamentally change the relationship between doctors and patients.

The Conservative MP said it was "impossible to differentiate between assisted dying and euthanasia" and "if you have one, you will inevitably get another".

"However well-meaning the proponents of this Bill may be, they will open a Pandora's box which will fundamentally change who we are and how we are as a society, how we relate to the medical profession, and I believe none of these will be to the benefit of future generations," he said.

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