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MPs overwhelmingly reject Assisted Dying Bill

MPs have overwhelmingly rejected a bill which would have allowed doctors to help some terminally ill people end their lives.

The Commons voted against giving a second reading to the Assisted Dying Bill by 330 to 118 - a majority of 212.

MPs on both sides of the house shared personal stories and strong views during the near five-hour debate.

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MP reduced to tears in emotional assisted dying speech

One MP was reduced to tears as she recounted her husband's suffering during the last years of his life, as the Commons continued to debate a bill on assisted dying.

Madeleine Moon's husband Steve died earlier this year after contracting a form of Motor Neurone Disease.

In an emotional speech, the Bridgend MP told how life "changed to being a burden".

She said the bill would not have helped him but that it should be allowed to go on to the committee stage.

"I believe that it is Parliament's job to look at the will of the people and to consider the difficult choices in front of society," she said. "We must be honest with the people and have that full and frank debate."

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