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MPs overwhelmingly reject Assisted Dying Bill

MPs have overwhelmingly rejected a bill which would have allowed doctors to help some terminally ill people end their lives.

The Commons voted against giving a second reading to the Assisted Dying Bill by 330 to 118 - a majority of 212.

MPs on both sides of the house shared personal stories and strong views during the near five-hour debate.

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California approves assisted suicide bill

The bill has been sent to California Governor Edmund Credit: Reuters

On the day that parliament overwhelmingly vote against the Assisted Dying Bill, lawmakers in the most populous state in the US approved right to die legislation for terminally ill patients.

The California legislature approved today a bill to legalise physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients despite opposition from religious and disability rights groups.

It has now been sent to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown for his approval or veto.

The bill would allow mentally competent patients whom two doctors agree have only six months to live to request a prescription that would end their lives.

MPs voted against similar legislation in the UK today by 330 to 118, a majority of 212.

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