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Corbyn asks Cameron questions from public in debut PMQs

Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron questions submitted by the public as he takes part in Prime Minister's Questions for the first time as Labour leader.

Before his PMQs appearance, Labour said Mr Corbyn will sing the national anthem at future events, after he was criticised for not singing the anthem at a Battle of Britain commemoration on Tuesday.

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John Prescott offers leadership advice to Jeremy Corbyn

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott, who served under Tony Blair, warned Mr Corbyn leading the party "won't be easy".

John Prescott writes his advice for Jeremy Corbyn Credit: PA

Writing in the Mirror on Sunday, he said: "This contest has been a bit bitter at times and focused more on personalities than policies. Bridges have been burned and will need to be rebuilt. Those you opposed you'll have to embrace.

"And those who opposed you will need to swallow their pride and realise you are the most democratically elected leader we have ever had. No-one can take that mandate from you.

"You thoroughly deserve our support and the opportunity to lead Labour and her Majesty's Opposition. Now let's come together to hold the Tories to account and win in 2020."

But Labour backbencher Simon Danczuk said Corbyn would need to pass "a series of crucial tests to convince his MPs that our aim is to win the next general election- not indulge in some ideological experiment.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: "He must outperform Prime Minister David Cameron in the Commons. We cannot have a Labour leader introduced to gales of laughter every week."

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