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Fence-building Hungary defends action over 'brutal threat'

Hungary's prime minister has said eastern European nations are forced to protect themselves from the "brutal threat" of mass migration until the EU organises a united response to the refugee crisis.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government has built a fence to keep out refugees on the Serbian border and is rapidly constructing a similar 3.5-metre-high steel fence on the Croatian border.

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Slovenia considers 'corridors' for refugees to cross country

A boy holds a red rose up as riot police block entry to Slovenia. Credit: Reuters

Slovenia will discuss the possibility of a "corridor" for refugees and migrants to pass through the country if the pressure from an immminent influx becomes too great, Prime Minister Miro Cerar has said.

"If the pressure is too great then we will certainly discuss possible corridors with the countries concerned. We are in contact with neighbouring countries," he told a news conference.

It comes after Slovenian riot police confronted several hundred refugees trying to walk across the border from the Croatian village of Harmica.

A group of Slovenian activists had crossed into Croatia earlier, chanting "refugees welcome" on the other side.

Slovenia's government has said it will accept asylum seekers, but will send back anyone deemed to be an illegal immigrant.

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