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Fence-building Hungary defends action over 'brutal threat'

Hungary's prime minister has said eastern European nations are forced to protect themselves from the "brutal threat" of mass migration until the EU organises a united response to the refugee crisis.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government has built a fence to keep out refugees on the Serbian border and is rapidly constructing a similar 3.5-metre-high steel fence on the Croatian border.

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Thirteen migrants die off Turkish coast on way to Greece

The bodies of the victims were brought to shore by the Turkish coastguard. Credit: APTN

Thirteen migrants died in Turkish waters when a boat carrying 46 people en route to Greece collided with a dry cargo vessel and capsized, Reuters reports.

Six of those killed were children and 20 others were rescued, a Turkish coastguard source told the news agency.

The boat had left the Turkish coast near Canakkale province.

Seven of those rescued are receiving treatment and the search continues to find 13 missing people.

Earlier, in a separate incident 26 migrants were feared missing after a dinghy carrying them sank off the Greek island of Lesbos.

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