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Fence-building Hungary defends action over 'brutal threat'

Hungary's prime minister has said eastern European nations are forced to protect themselves from the "brutal threat" of mass migration until the EU organises a united response to the refugee crisis.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government has built a fence to keep out refugees on the Serbian border and is rapidly constructing a similar 3.5-metre-high steel fence on the Croatian border.

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UN investigator: 'Justice will catch up with Assad'

Credit: Reuters

Justice will catch up with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad even if he remains in power under a negotiated peace deal, a UN human rights investigator has warned.

Carla Del Ponte, a former chief prosecutor for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, told reporters:

Assad is the president, so let's deal with the institution of president. If we can achieve a ceasefire with the president, why not? But afterwards, justice will come.

You remember in former Yugoslavia, Milosevic was president, and it was a peace negotiation at Dayton and they achieved an agreement? And Milosevic was still president, but justice could be done. Just an example from the past.

– Carla Del Ponte

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