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Hajj crush death toll rises to over 750

The death toll following a crush at the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia is now 769 and the number of injured has risen to 934.

Witnesses claimed police had closed entrances and exits to the pilgrims' camp, making the disaster inevitable, while Iran's Supreme Leader accused authorities of "mismanagement".

King Salman has ordered an immediate review into safety procedures.

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Hajj pilgrimage has grim history of crush deaths

The latest disaster at the annual Hajj pilgrimage has seen tragedy return to a holy festival blighted by a history of crushings.

The area around the Mecca has long suffered major fatal events in past years, peaking with the crushing of 1,426 pilgrims in 1990.

Despite attempts to improve infrastructure and crowd control measures in recent decades, deaths have continued to occur:

The number killed in a tent fire at the Hajj camp at Mina in April 1997.
Muslim pilgrims crushed to death in April 1998.
Pilgrims killed in crush near the Jamarat Bridge during stoning of the devil in February 2004.
Muslim pilgrims crushed to death at eastern entrance of the Jamarat Bridge in January 2006.
Number killed when a crane crashed into the Grand Mosque days before Hajj begins in September 2015.

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