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Corbyn: I'm prepared to live with decision to renew Trident

Jeremy Corbyn has told ITV News he would "live with" Trident "somehow" if Labour voted to renew Britain's nuclear deterrent.

The new Labour leader said he would do his best to persuade his party that the £100 billion-weapons system should be scrapped.

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby questioned whether Mr Corbyn "would be seen as willing to sell out his principles for power, like so many others".

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Corbyn: Spending £100bn on Trident 'not way forward'

Jeremy Corbyn has made clear his opposition to renewing Trident.

"I don't believe that £100 billion spent on a new generation of nuclear weapons, taking up a quarter of our defence budget, is the right way forward," he told the Labour Party conference.

"I believe that our country should honour our obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and take a lead in making progress towards international nuclear disarmament."

He said Britain still need a strong and modern military, but that the best way to protect the country was to work to resolve conflicts.

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