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Corbyn: I'm prepared to live with decision to renew Trident

Jeremy Corbyn has told ITV News he would "live with" Trident "somehow" if Labour voted to renew Britain's nuclear deterrent.

The new Labour leader said he would do his best to persuade his party that the £100 billion-weapons system should be scrapped.

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby questioned whether Mr Corbyn "would be seen as willing to sell out his principles for power, like so many others".

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Jeremy Corbyn accuses Tories of 'gerrymandering'

The Conservative Party is trying to "gerrymander" elections in London and Wales next year by deleting millions of people from the electoral register, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has claimed.

Mr Corbyn said: "Just before the summer, the Tories sneaked out a plan to strike millions of people off the electoral register this December - a year earlier than the advice of the independent Electoral Commission.

"It means two million or more people could lose their right to vote. It's more than 400,000 people in London. It's 70,000 people in Glasgow. Thousands in every town and city.

"We know why the Tories are doing it. They want to gerrymander next year's mayoral election in London by denying hundreds of thousands of Londoners their right to vote.

"They want to do the same for the Assembly elections in Wales. And they want to gerrymander electoral boundaries across the country by ensuring new constituencies are decided on the basis of the missing registers when the Boundary Commission starts its work in April 2016."

Mr Corbyn pledged to work with local Labour parties across the UK to get back on the register.

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