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Corbyn: I'm prepared to live with decision to renew Trident

Jeremy Corbyn has told ITV News he would "live with" Trident "somehow" if Labour voted to renew Britain's nuclear deterrent.

The new Labour leader said he would do his best to persuade his party that the £100 billion-weapons system should be scrapped.

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby questioned whether Mr Corbyn "would be seen as willing to sell out his principles for power, like so many others".

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Labour calls for UN resolution before IS strikes in Syria

Labour MPs were told at their annual party conference not to Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

Labour party activists have endorsed an emergency motion calling for a UN resolution to be in place before party members support the expansion of British bombing of Isis targets in Syria.

MPs at the Labour party conference were told "a plan must be in place to deal with refugees in Europe" before a military campaign begins.

The motion, which is not legally binding on party MPs, came as Unite member Ivan Monckton warned of the dangers of "blundering into a new war".

He said: "Now is not the time to blunder into a new war - another illegal war - with untold human casualties, more death, destruction and chaos creating more refugees."

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