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Corbyn: I'm prepared to live with decision to renew Trident

Jeremy Corbyn has told ITV News he would "live with" Trident "somehow" if Labour voted to renew Britain's nuclear deterrent.

The new Labour leader said he would do his best to persuade his party that the £100 billion-weapons system should be scrapped.

ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby questioned whether Mr Corbyn "would be seen as willing to sell out his principles for power, like so many others".

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Lord Falconer refuses to say whether Corbyn could be PM

Shadow justice secretary Lord Falconer has failed to endorse Jeremy Corbyn when asked whether the Labour leader could one day be Prime Minister.

Lord Falconer Credit: PA Wire

Lord Falconer said "the process by which somebody grows into the job of prime minister takes time."

Speaking on BBC's Daily Politics, he said: “It seems to me that at the start, people may not look to the nation that that’s the job that they’ll take up, but as time goes on, perceptions change.

"I mean, well, there’s five years before the general election, I think lots could happen, we are fighting for the Labour party for a Labour prime minister and Jeremy’s the Labour party.”

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