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More than 100 seals shot this year to protect salmon industry

110 seals have been shot so far this year to protect the salmon industry, an ITV News investigation has found.

Although they are officially protected, seals can be shot under a special licence.

Salmon farmers and fishermen are allowed to shoot seals attacking their stock.

Campaigners say non-lethal means should be used to deter marine mammals.

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Peta: 'No justification for shooting' seals

Animal rights group Peta has said there is "no justification for shooting beautiful animals" as an ITV News reveals more than 100 seals have been shot to protect salmon farms.

A group of seals rest on bedrock in Shetland. Credit: ITV News

There is no justification for shooting beautiful animals to protect the cruel and unnecessary fish-farming industry. It’s our demand for cheap fish that's fuelling the cruelty. Seals feel pain as much as any dog does, and recognising what fish farming does to them and to the environment should be enough for us to reject eating fish.

– Peta

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