Delevingne joins Save the Children for health campaign

Model Poppy Delevingne has lent her support to Save the Children's No Child Born to Die campaign.

Model Poppy Delevingne went to the Congo to meet families affected by disease Credit: Reuters

The 29-year-old visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo to meet mothers whose children were dying from preventable conditions such as malaria, pneumonia and malnutrition because of a lack of trained doctors, medicines, health facilities and equipment.

It's been an adventure which has taken me completely out of my comfort zone but it's been incredibly thought provoking. I'm going to go back to the UK a changed woman.

Meeting mothers and children who so desperately need help has been truly emotional. We need to change the hopeless situation in the beautiful and magical DRC.

– Poppy Delevingne

According to Save the Children, the number of children dying from preventable diseases has dropped from 12 million to 5.9m - but the charity is now calling for an international pledge to end it completely by 2030 by ensuring everybody has access to basic healthcare.