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Egypt plane crash investigators '90% sure' it was a bomb

Egypt plane crash investigators "90% sure" the explosion heard on the black box recording of the Russian flight was a bomb, a member of the investigation team told Reuters.

A memorial service for the 224 victims of the crash was be held in St Petersburg today.

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'Specific piece of intelligence' led government to believe there was bomb on board Russian plane

Credit: Reuters

A specific piece of 'signals intelligence' - such as eavesdropped conversation - picked up at the GCHQ listening station convinced Prime Minister David Cameron that a Russian plane which crashed in Egypt was brought down by a bomb, ITV News understands.

The intelligence led Mr Cameron and his advisers to conclude security at Sharm el-Sheikh airport was breached, with the government suspending flights from the Egyptian resort to the UK on Wednesday and Thursday while security at the airport was reviewed.

Flights to repatriate British tourists from Sharm el-Sheikh will begin on Friday following agreement with the Egyptian authorities on a "package of additional security measures", Downing Street said on Thursday.

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