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Paris attacks: France falls silent to remember 130 victims

France held a national memorial service for the 130 victims of the Paris terror attacks.

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French police 'questioned suspect fugitive and let him go'

Belgium-born Salah Abdeslam is described by officials as 'dangerous'. Credit: Police

A man wanted over the Paris terror attacks was questioned and released by police just hours after the massacre, four French officials told the AP news agency.

Police reportedly questioned Saleh Abdeslam when they pulled over a car near the Belgian border.

They checked his ID and let him go.

Authorities had already identified him as the renter of a Volkswagen Polo that was abandoned at the scene of the attack.

Saleh Abdeslam rented a black VW Polo car which was abandoned at the scene of the attack. Credit: BFMTV

He was one of three people in a car stopped by police Saturday morning, hours after the attacks that left at least 129 dead, the officials told AP.

Three French police officials and a top French security official all confirmed to AP that officers stopped Abdeslam and checked his ID and then let him go.

Abdeslam is now the focus of an international manhunt.

One of his brothers, Ibrahim Abdeslam, was reportedly one of the suicide bombers in the attacks.

A third brother was arrested in Belgium and has allegedly been questioned before being released.

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