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Paris attacks: France falls silent to remember 130 victims

France held a national memorial service for the 130 victims of the Paris terror attacks.

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PM: Britain has stopped seven attacks in last six months

The Prime Minister said he would order military action in Syria if British interests were at stake. Credit: PA

David Cameron has revealed security services have foiled seven terror attacks on Britain in the past six months.

The Prime Minister told BBC Radio 4's Today show the attacks were on a smaller scale to Paris but is the "sort of thing we have been preparing for".

And he said if British interests were at stake then "we will act and take immediate action" in Syria and report to Parliament afterwards.

Britain is involved in bombing in Iraq but Cameron lost a parliamentary vote in 2013 to extend that action to Syria.

He added: "This is the struggle of our generation. This disease of Islamist extremist violence, this perversion of the religion of Islam that is being carried out by this minority, is a challenge we will have to face with everything we've got."

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