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Putin orders sanctions on Turkey after jet shot down

Russia has announced a series of economic sanctions against Turkey after the downing of a Russian jet near the Syrian border.

Turkey said the sanctions "would only damage relations", after the country's Prime Minister said he was "truly saddened" by the incident.

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Russian pilot: Turkey issued no warnings before downing

Captain Konstantin Murakhtin speaks to reporters after his ordeal but does not show his face. Credit: APTN

A Russian pilot who survived the downing of his plane said Turkish jets did not issue any warnings beforehand.

Captain Konstantin Murakhtin maintained his aircraft was flying over Syrian territory and did not violate Turkish airspace.

Mr Murakhtin was rescued and is currently at a Russian air base in Syria but his co-pilot was reportedly killed by militants on the ground.

He added that he wants to keep flying missions from the base "to pay them back for my commander".

Russian forces are reportedly unleashing a wave of air strikes on mountains near where the plane was shot down.

Mr Murakhtin said this was proving cover for advancing Syria ground forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies.

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