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Cameron to 'make case' for Britain to tackle IS in Syria

David Cameron will present his case to MPs later for the UK to begin airstrikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria. The PM will outline a seven-point plan which includes striking IS at its 'headquarters' in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

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Alan Johnson: PM has made a compelling argument for Syria airstrikes

Mr Johnson also said a UN Security Council resolution 'made a difference'. Credit: ITV News

The Prime Minister has made a "compelling argument" for a bombing campaign against Islamic State targets in Syria, former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said.

Speaking to ITV News, Mr Johnson said that whilst he hadn't yet decided if he would vote for airstrikes and that there was widespread agreement in the House of Commons that something must be done about IS.

"He (Cameron) needs to do more about what happens next in terms of ground forces - and that's a concern I think right across the house," Johnson said.

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