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PM: UK Airstrikes will help bring political deal in Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted UK airstrikes will help to bring about a political settlement in Syria, as RAF Typhoons carry out their first attacks on so-called Islamic State.

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Cameron to use 'Daesh' instead of 'Islamic State'

Prime Minister David Cameron has agreed to use the word 'Daesh' when referring to the militant group which calls itself Islamic State.

Backbench Tory MP Rehman Chishti and shadow defence minister Hilary Benn have both previously called on Mr Cameron to use the Arabic name for the group, al-Dawla al-Islamyia fil Iraq wa'al Sham.

As well as removing the 'Islamic' part of the extremist group's name in English, the word is considered insulting as it sounds similar to the Arabic word for 'bigots'.

Mr Rehman led a campaign which saw some 170 MPs back his call.

Mr Cameron is thought to have resisted in case the public did not understand the change in phrasing.

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