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PM: UK Airstrikes will help bring political deal in Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted UK airstrikes will help to bring about a political settlement in Syria, as RAF Typhoons carry out their first attacks on so-called Islamic State.

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RAF captain 'confident' of no civilian casualties in Syria

An RAF captain has said he is "absolutely confident" that there will be no civilian casualties as air strikes were launched over Syria.

Captain Richard Davies, of RAF Marham, told the BBC no civilian casualties had been reported in Iraq where the RAF has carried out more than 400 airstrikes.

In over 400 air strikes that the RAF has carried out in Iraq, we have had absolutely no civilian casualties reported.

The rules of engagement that our crews apply both in the air and by the commanders on the ground mean that I am absolutely confident that that will continue to be the case with operations in Syria.

– Captain Richard Davies

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