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Almost 200 countries agree climate deal 'to keep temperature rise below 2C'

Almost 200 countries have agreed to the terms of a new international deal to tackle climate change following United Nations talks in Paris.

Cheers and applause broke out as the agreement - which includes a pledge to keep temperature rises "well below" 2C - was officially passed.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the deal had "secured our planet for many, many generations to come."

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Greenpeace welcome climate deal and urge action

Campaigners at Greenpeace have welcomed a new UN deal on climate change, saying it was a good first step.

Greenpeace protesters outside the Paris summit Credit: Reuters

Charity chiefs also urged Prime Minister David Cameron to ensure action is taken to help meet the terms of the deal - and turn his back on the fossil fuel industry.

The glass is half full not half empty, but who is paying for the next round is the key question.

Will it be the fossil fuel industry that now has to be phased out or people across the globe who will ultimately pick up the tab if there is lack of action following the successful climate talks?

The recent floods in Cumbria have shown the answer has consequences for Britain. Now it's David Cameron's turn to decide whose side is he on - the old polluters who caused the problem or the new renewable technologies that have just been given a shot in the arm.

– John Sauven, Greenpeace UK executive director

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