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Shaker Aamer: Give Blair and Bush immunity to talk about torture

Tony Blair and George Bush should be given immunity from prosecution in order for the world to learn the truth about claims the US and British were complicit in torture at Guantanamo Bay, Shaker Aamer has told ITV News.

Shaker Aamer has given his first TV interview to ITV News after being released from the controversial prison camp in October, following 14 years in detention without charge.

He reveals allegations of regular physical violence and psychological abuse - and tells how he broke down in tears when he saw his four children for the first time after his release - and one of them for the first time ever.

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Shaker Aamer admits travelling on a false passport

Shaker Aamer has admitted he travelled on a false passport as it was the only way he could leave the country.

Him and his wife and children later travelled to Taliban-led Afghanistan using the document.

He said Afghanistan was where they felt "comfortable" as his wife had suffered abuse in the UK because she wore traditional Muslim dress.

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