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White House analysis casts doubt on North Korea's nuclear test claims

North Korea says it has successfully conducted a test of a miniaturised hydrogen nuclear device on Wednesday morning.

However, the White House has said initial analysis of the reported nuclear test is not consistent with claims of a successful hydrogen bomb.

In a statement the country said it would continue to strengthen its nuclear programme as long as the US maintained what it called "its stance of aggression."

Much of the international community has condemned North Korea after the claim, including China, the country's major ally, and Britain, which said the move was a "provocation".

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'Possible' that North Korea would launch nuclear first strike

A state TV presenter (pictured) announced North Korea's H-bomb test

North Korea would possibly consider a nuclear strike if they thought they could survive the inevitable counter-strike, a former British ambassador to the country has said.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, John Everard said:

If they believe they can survive a nuclear counter-strike, the possibility that they may launch a nuclear first strike remains.

– John Everard

Pyongyang's claims that it has detonated a miniaturised hydrogen-bomb have been condemned resoundingly by the international community.

Some analysts suggest the device may have been between 6 and 12 kilotons - smaller in size than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the US in 1945 (16kt).

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