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Russia denies 'war crime' claim after fatal hospital airstrikes

The Kremlin has rejected claims that Russia has committed a 'war crime' stating accusations it was behind the bombing of a hospital in Syria are "unfounded".

It comes after Turkey accused Russia of an "obvious war crime" yesterday after almost 50 civilians were thought to have been killed in missile attacks in northern Syria.

The attacks took place in the Idlib province and Azaz near the Turkish border.

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White House condemns bombing in northern Syria

Still image taken from video shows people gathering near what is said to be a hospital damaged by missiles. Credit: Reuters

The US has condemned in "the strongest possible terms" the intensified bombing in northern Syria.

In a press briefing, the White House said that the latest bombing goes against commitments, made by Russia and the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Munich, to a ceasefire in the beleaguered country.

The latest attacks, apparently from Russian or Syrian aircraft, killed up to 50 people when medical facilities and a school were hit.

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