EDF extends production from four UK nuclear power stations

The life of four EDF nuclear power stations is set to be extended Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA

EDF Energy has announced it will extend production from four of its eight UK nuclear power stations by up to seven years.

The stations which have been given the reprieve from decommissioning will be Heysham 1 in Lancashire, and Hartlepool, which will continue for an extra five years and Heysham 2 and Torness in Scotland which will be given an extra seven years work.

EDF's chief executive Vincent de Rivaz praised the work of plant employees as he made the announcement stating "their excellent output shows that reliability is improving whilst their safety and environmental performance is higher than ever."

Between them the four plants who are having their work extended employ over 2,000 permanent staff, 1,000 contractors and supply electricity to around a quarter of the UK's homes.