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Fourteen detained after Ankara car bomb kills 28

Fourteen people have been arrested after a car bomb in the Turkish capital Ankara killed at least 28 people and injured 61 on Wednesday.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said members of the Syria Kurdish YPG rebel group were responsible for the attack near a barracks.

At least six more people were killed after a military convoy was hit by an explosion the following morning.

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Turkey vows to bomb Kurdish fighters in Syria and Iraq

No-one has yet claimed responsibility for two bombings targeting military convoys in Turkey.

A blast last night in the capital city Ankara killed 28 people. Another explosion in the south of the country this morning barely 12 hours later killed six soldiers.

Video report by ITV News' correspondent Geraint Vincent

Turkish president Recep Erdogan says information gathered by Turkish intelligence services shows the attacks were the work of Kurdish separatists.

Turkey has vowed to bomb Kurdish fighters over the border in Syria and Iraq - the same Kurdish militias that are being backed up in the skies by Turkey's NATO ally the US in the fight against Islamic State in those countries.

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