Home Office cancels deportation order against widow, 92

A frail 92-year-old woman threatened with being deported to South Africa, away from the daughter who cares for her, has been granted a stay of execution.

Myrtle Cothill, aged 92, was due to be deported on Tuesday Credit: ITV News

Widowed Myrtle Cothill - whose father fought for Britain in the First World War - suffers with heart problems, poor eyesight and cannot walk unaided. She arrived in Britain on a tourist visa in 2014 so she could be cared for by her daughter, but her application to stay was rejected by the Home Office.

Her daughter, Mary Wills, had appealed the decision but it was upheld by two tribunals and a plane seat was booked to take her back to South Africa for Tuesday.

However, following a medical assessment today and a 52,000-signature online petition, the Home Office cancelled its removal order.

The family told ITV News Meridian they were delighted, and were waiting to be told what the government planned to do next.