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'Highly unlikely' three missing Didcot workers still alive, officials warn

It is "highly unlikely" that three people still missing in the rubble of the Didcot Power Station collapse are still alive, officials have said.

The search has been hampered by the "unstable" section still standing, they added.

The station closed in 2013 and was in the process of being demolished when it collapsed yesterday, killing one and injuring five.

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Didcot station collapse an 'accident waiting to happen'

The Didcot Power Station collapse was "a big accident waiting to happen", one former worker at the plant has told ITV News.

Vendel Segesdy said he suspected the station wasn't a "solid structure" when looking at it from nearby last week.

Mr Segesdy, who worked at the station from 1969 until it closed in 2013, said: "I thought if they've not taken a lot of the heavy plant out of there it's just going to fall in on itself."

He added: "That's what I believe that's happened, is that they've done work and it's left it like a pack of cards ready to fold."

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