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'Highly unlikely' three missing Didcot workers still alive, officials warn

It is "highly unlikely" that three people still missing in the rubble of the Didcot Power Station collapse are still alive, officials have said.

The search has been hampered by the "unstable" section still standing, they added.

The station closed in 2013 and was in the process of being demolished when it collapsed yesterday, killing one and injuring five.

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'Some signs of life' beneath rubble of Didcot Power Station

Search and rescue dogs have found "some signs of life" beneath the rubble of the collapsed Didcot Power Station, officials have revealed.

Speaking at the scene, Oxfordshire Fire Service assistant chief fire officer Simon Furlong said the animals had indicated there may be people still alive in the remains of the building - though warned the signs had not been "significant".

The search operation has been hampered by the "unstable" nature of the section of building still standing.

We have had some signs [of life] from the search dogs, but this is a very difficult situation with the debris field, so they are working with those crews.

We have had no significant signs but that doesn't mean to say there isn't saveable lives still within the building.

– Simon Furlong, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

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