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'Serious failings' at BBC allowed Savile to abuse 72 people

“Serious failings” at the BBC allowed Jimmy Savile to rape and sexually assault 72 people, a damning report has found.

Dame Janet Smith's review found there was a culture of "reverence and fear" towards celebrities at the corporation.

One employee who complained about Savile was told: "Keep your mouth shut, he is a VIP."

After the report's publication, BBC director-general Lord Hall apologised to the victims, saying: "The BBC failed you when it should have protected you."

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Society owes Savile and Hall's victims a 'great debt'

Dame Janet Smith carried out the investigation.

Society owes a "great debt" to the victims of Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, Dame Janet Smith said.

She thanked them for "your contribution and your courage" during the investigation.

"You are not to blame and your reasons for not reporting it are wholly understandable," said Dame Janet.

"Society owes you a great debt. Your legacy is that you have helped to convince us all of the importance of ensuring that young and vulnerable people have the confidence to report abuse, and when they do so their voices will be heard and treated with the same respect as those with power in our society.

"I think that is a legacy of which you can be justifiably proud."

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