MP: St David's Day should be national holiday for Wales

As Wales marks St David's Day, a Liberal Democrat MP is set to call for it to become a national holiday.

Mark Williams MP is to call for St David's Day to be made a national holiday for Wales Credit: PA

Mark Williams, the deputy leader of the Welsh Lib Dems, will speak in the House of Commons to bid for a new law allowing the Welsh government to create the new bank holiday.

The Scottish Parliament made St Andrew's Day a national holiday almost a decade ago.

I am celebrating St David's Day by proposing to make it a national holiday. St David's Day is a time for us to celebrate all that is great about Wales, from our entrepreneurial spirit and rich culture.

It has been almost a decade since Scotland made St Andrew's Day a public holiday, and it is time that Wales was given the same power.

It should be within the spirit of the devolution settlement that Wales, like Scotland and Northern Ireland, has the same powers to determine these matters.

– Mark Williams, Wesh Lib Dems

St George's Day is not an official bank holiday in England, though a number of campaigns have called for that to change.