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First refugees cross Greece-Macedonia border after standoff

A trickle of refugees have been allowed to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia - the first for two days following clashes earlier this week.

Macedonia briefly opened the border crossing overnight, letting around 170 people cross, Greek Police said.

However some 10,000 people remain camped at the crossing, awaiting their turn.

It comes after clashes broke out on Monday as hundreds attempted to storm the border crossing.

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UN expert: Europe must share responsibility for migrants

A United Nations migration expert has told ITV News everybody must share responsibility for Europe's migrant crisis.

Peter Sutherland said: "Sending back refugees who, by definition, are escaping persecution is not an option, nor is it an option to turn Greece into a massive camp.

"There is only one other alternative, and that is sharing responsibility.

"That is not to say that nobody has taken responsibility. Germany has took between 800,000 and 1 million migrants in the last year.

"Sweden and many other countries have also been good in this, but not everybody. Everybody needs to share."

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