Sound wave technique could 'transform' prostate cancer treatment

New treatment may r'evolutionise' prostate cancer care Credit: Reuters

A new sound wave technique which is being used to treat prostate cancer could transform the way in which the disease is dealt with in future, according to experts.

Called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound the treatment works by focusing sound waves directly on to tumours in the prostate gland without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.

Doctors working on a study into the treatment's effectiveness said it was "revolutionary" and had been shown to cause fewer side effects while delivering successful results.

of patients treated remained cancer-free without need for surgery or radiotherapy five years later

Tim Dudderidge who helped run the study, which involved following 625 men through the course of their treatment, said results so far had been "extremely exciting" and could "transform" future prostate cancer care.

The results of this study are impressive and have the potential to transform prostate cancer treatment for many men in the future.

It is extremely exciting technology and these results show that in men diagnosed early by prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood testing, this targeted therapy could be as effective as surgery to remove the whole prostate gland or radiotherapy and cause far fewer side effects.

– Tim Dudderidge, onsultant urological surgeon