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Chancellor's Budget clears Commons hurdle amid disability cuts row

George Osborne's Budget has cleared its first Commons hurdle, its major resolutions passed by a majority of 35 MPs.

The Chancellor defended his Budget in the Commons earlier, his first public appearance since the government was forced into a U-turn over disability benefit cuts in the wake of Iain Duncan Smith's resignation.

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Corbyn says budget has 'fallen apart'

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has lambasted the government's budget, saying it had "fallen apart" within days of its announcement and suggesting the chancellor should resign as a result.

The Labour leader accused David Cameron of "covering up his great friend" George Osborne by allowing the chancellor to avoid answering questions in the House of Commons on a budget that had "inequality at its core".

Mr Corbyn noted that Mr Osborne was not present, while "practically every other cabinet minister is here today" and said the chancellor should "consider his position and look for something else to do".

Mr Cameron responded that the chancellor would be in parliament on Tuesday "winding up the budget debate".

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