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Brussels bombing suspect let go as new 'man in hat' CCTV footage released

Belgian police have released a man that they had initially charged with "participation in a terrorist group" and "terrorist killings" in connection with the Brussels attacks on the same day that they revealed new CCTV footage of another suspect.

Faycal C, who was the only person charged in connection with last week's attacks, was released due to "lack of evidence", prosecutors said.

It comes as US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump warned Britain and Europe are "not safe" following the recent terror attacks.

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Brussels explosions an 'attack on EU freedom'

Thomas de Maiziere said the attacks were against European freedom Credit: Reuters

Today's attacks in Brussels were not solely against Belgium but against the "entire EU", according to the German interior minister.

It seems that the clear targets of the attacks - an international airport, a metro station close to EU institutions - indicate that this terrorist attack is not aimed solely against Belgium but against our freedom, freedom of movement, mobility and everyone in the EU.

– Thomas de Maiziere, German interior minister

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