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Chancellor's Budget clears Commons hurdle amid disability cuts row

George Osborne's Budget has cleared its first Commons hurdle, its major resolutions passed by a majority of 35 MPs.

The Chancellor defended his Budget in the Commons earlier, his first public appearance since the government was forced into a U-turn over disability benefit cuts in the wake of Iain Duncan Smith's resignation.

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John McDonnell: Chancellor is 'unfit' for leading office

Labour's John McDonnell has said George Osborne is "unfit" for any leading office in government for his "grubby manipulations" in response to his disability benefit U-turn.

Speaking to MPs during the Budget debate, the Shadow Chancellor said the Tory budget process is in "absolute chaos" and urged the Government to rip up its fiscal plan and start again.

"PIPs are the benefits that for many disabled people actually make life worth living."

He added: "The Chancellor was willing to cut away this vital support to some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people of our community. Do not tell us we're all in this together."

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