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Jeremy Corbyn: Tories causing 'crisis' in schools

The Labour leader has told a National Union of Teachers's conference the Conservatives' push for academies and free schools would lead to the 'asset-stripping of our education system'.

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NUT deputy asks to see supporting evidence for reforms

NUT says it wants to see evidence behind academies plan Credit: David Davies/PA

The National Union of Teacher's deputy general secretary has challenged the Education Secretary to provide evidence in support of the Government's plans for sweeping school reforms.

It emerged today that the NUT's Kevin Courtney sent an open letter to Nicky Morgan on Wednesday, outlining concerns that plans to turn all schools into academies by 2020 had been founded on scant evidence.

He wrote:

You propose the forcible academisation of 17,000 primary schools. However, and astonishing for such a far-reaching proposal, there is no evidence section in the White Paper to support this belief. Can you explain why you have not produced evidence which shows academy schools doing better than comparable local authority schools?

– Kevin Courtney, NUT

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